American Dream

from by DA7NE

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I just wanna , hang with ladies . Drive Mercedes making babies.
Lately I've been acting shady. America you drive me crazy. {2x}

drive me crazy. {8x}

I was born in the late 80's.
Equinox a balanced baby.
too stubborn you cant change me.
You can ask all my ladies.
There goes Jon thinkin' crazy.
Narcissistic - just maybe
All I want is you to listen, hear my thoughts let em sink in
I don't care what you thinking, This the real deal that you seeing.
inner demons better free them.
Against the odds against reason
all I know is I aint leaving , Ill be rhymin' if Im breathin'
stealing hearts Ima keep em.
stealing hearts Ima keep em.


[verse 2]
I see hope you see doubt,
see the smoke? I'm puffin clouds
Be yourself, that's not allowed
I hear the beat, rock the crowd
turn it up we gettin' loud
I used to dream it I live it now
If you didn't see it It's vivid now
tryna' be a rapper, you an actor
you should bow to a master
psycho active thinkin' faster
you write lines I write chapters
what you think, really don't matter
you smoke dirt I smoke shatter
blowing up like I m getting fatter
take a dose see the patterns
take a dose see the patterns


[verse 3]
write these rhymes,
jump these hurdles
All I see is crop circles
plant my seeds like the mind is fertile
dangerous see words could hurt you
or cops might stop and search you
why you out past curfew
might just beat you might murc' you
who knows I'm just alertin' you
whats your name ? ain't no one heard of you
we all one it didn't occur you
seeing life from a further view
this my life so absurd to you
i'ma give every word to you
and never do what you tell me to
never do what you tell me to

I'm American mother fucker.





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DA7NE Albuquerque, New Mexico

One word at a time

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